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Time to Shine™ …your blueprint for success


TIME TO SHINE for Business is a unique, specialist & bespoke program that is quite simply breathtaking; it will transform you & your business, reconnecting you with your purpose & passion opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Create stability, improve quality & enhance profitability.

If you would like to see your business thrive then book a free TIME TO SHINE BUSINESS breakthrough call with me today. Find out how I can help you & your team stabilise & retain your team to take you all to the next level & beyond.


TIME TO SHINE for Careers is completely tailored to your individual needs. From application to final destination & everything else in between, this incredible program fits the bill.

Maybe your career has just stalled a bit or perhaps you feel undervalued & would like to be appreciated more for your talent.

Find out how I can help you reconnect with your passion & purpose. Book your free TIME TO SHINE CAREER breakthrough call with me to find your new destination.


HEAD CHEFS ROCK is for you’re in charge of a kitchen. Learn all the necessary soft skills you need to build, train, motivate & retain a successful team.

While also developing & honing the fine art of planning & organisation so that your operation runs like clockwork.

Coming soon is my new website ( on which you will find details of my new FREE Head Chefs Rock 5 Day Challenge.



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